The Asian Chicken Parmigiana

Port Phillip Arcade is busy for one reason: Kim Sing.

There's always plenty of people eating here, even out of the usual lunch and dinner hours. While always busy, there's never a need to wait as tables are plenty; Cheap formica tables and plastic chairs spill out of their restaurant into the arcade, and over into another store space on the opposite side. I stumbled upon Kim Sing by accident, and it doesn't take Einstein to figure out what's popular here - there's a large handwritten sign with the words "chicken steak" prominently displayed just by their counter. I order one of these, and settle down with my table number along one of the many long communal tables. I don't have to wait long - out comes a massive plate of crispy golden chicken topped with their mystery (but very tasty) brown sauce, rice and a couple of pieces of tolken steam veggie. A meal is never complete without chilli - I heap a generous tablespoonful of their chilli concotion onto my plate. The verdict? Thoroughly satisfying - the batter on the chicken is thin and crispy, and not overly oily, the chicken inside is succulent and tender. Their chilli sauce/oil is also extremely adddictive and an excellent compliment to the dish. It's such a generous serving that I end up taking the rest home, (in one of their 30¢ take away containers,) and eating it for dinner.  

Kim Sing won't be winning any awards for decor, atmosphere or service, but if you're a poor student (or feeling like a poor student,) and are after something quick, filling and tasty, you've come to the right place. The chicken steak (with steam rice) is currently priced at $6.60, which is a steal in my opinion. I've heard most other things on the menu are a bit meh, but to be honest, I don't think you'd be ordering anything else once you've tasted their chicken steak. 

The Asian Chicken Parmigiana has been found.

Want to try? Just walk into Port Phillip Arcade, Melbourne CBD and follow the crowd. Kim Sing on Urbanspoon


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